Bring a Buddy Promo-Great Start Program

Bring a Buddy Promo-Great Start Program

Initiation-“Great Start” Program Promotion


Register with your buddy for Acres Hockey/Brain Navigators:

“Bringing Smart Play to Hockey” – Great Start Program

for boys and girls (ages 5-8)  June 15-July 15 and take $50 off each player’s registration fee!

Family Rate is still applicable for a further $50 reduction of the registration fee!

Can you offer any further help with registration costs?

Like our buddy Bob the Builder and friends says: Yes, we can!

Flex-able payment plans in effect until the school start date. We will work with you to make sure all players that want to take part in our programs; can take part in our programs!

No gear?

We can assist to help outfit your player with a loaner set.

Not enough you say?

We guarantee your child will enjoy being a part of our team so much that we offer a try-out! Register and pay your enrollment, attend the first day and if your child doesn’t want to complete the program, we will refund your full registration.                                                                                                                       (-$25/player for jersey and t-shirt, those lovely sweaty items are yours)

Where: Oceanside Place Arena, Parksville     School Dates: July 30-Aug 1, 2012

For more info:


About Acres Hockey Training

Canadian Professional hockey coach living abroad.
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