I like the word RELENTLESS, it is powerful, it’s a call to action word, it evokes feeling and passion and best of all it is never ending. A car company has used the slogan, “The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection.” This ties into some of my core values and beliefs. Get better everyday. On my travels thru cyberspace I came across this blog from Mike Van Hoozer. It motivated me today I hope it will have a similar effect on your mindset for today and each day forward. Now that you have discovered this power that is in us all, how will you, use your power? Enjoy!!!

A Relentless Architect of Possibilities

“I make myself a relentless architect of the possibilities of human beings.” Benjamin Zander, The Art of Possibility

Great leaders look for opportunities to invest in others. Whether you are a parent, athlete, business leader, or student, you have an opportunity every day to influence and impact others. Yet, I often wonder if we seize those moments to make a positive difference in the lives of others. Are we truly “relentless” in the process of helping another person pursue their potential even in the face of adversity and setbacks? As I look at my own life and into the lives of people that I coach and converse with, I think people are often frozen by fear with thoughts and questions such as:

“What if my kids don’t turn out to be perfect?”

“I don’t have time to lead other people.”

“I don’t have the skills to be the parent they need.”

“They won’t listen to me. I know how to motivate my sales team, but I can’t motivate my own children.”

“I don’t know if I’m getting through to them. Am I making any kind of difference at all?”

When we are distraught because of distractions, we fail to capitalize on the opportunity to impact and lead others. Distractions take us off course and lead us on a detour to a destination we did not intend to visit. If we truly want to lead our families, businesses, and communities, we must become relentless in our pursuit of mentoring others. I have always loved Benjamin Zander’s quote about leadership and the possibilities that exist for leaders. As a conductor of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra, Zander understood his role as a leader and facilitator of remarkable performances. His role was to bring out the best in others, which began with a belief that each person had talent to be discovered and something of value to be offered. He made himself a “relentless architect of the possibilities” of that person’s potential.

As you consider your roles in life, think about the opportunities that you have every day to positively impact and influence people. Don’t become distracted and discouraged, aimlessly wondering whether you are making a difference. Make it a goal every day to be a relentless architect in your pursuit of the possibilities of human beings by:

Identifying and recognizing the strengths of others

Looking for ways to cultivate and nurture their potential

Focusing on the possibilities of what they could become (versus solely dwelling on the problems that will prevent them from never reaching their potential)

Recognizing the difference between “your dreams” versus their dreams and working with them to create a shared vision of the future

Initiating conversation and listening to both verbal and non-verbal cues on what is important to them

Be relentless, holding on to the hope of your role in helping someone develop his or her full potential. They will be so glad you did!

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